Serbian Society of Hypertension

Serbian Society of hypertension

The Serbian Society of Hypertension (UHS) has members from different branches of medicine, who are interested in issues related to arterial hypertension. Society activities are focused at research, education, timely diagnosis, prevention and treatment of arterial hypertension.  

The Serbian Society of Hypertension was founded in 1990 and was known under the name of Yugoslav Hypertension League. 


The main task of our UHS is to cooperate with doctors of various specialties in order to elevate knowledge and expertise, promote the latest guidelines relating to prevention, timely diagnosis, individual selection of treatment and approach to treatment of arterial hypertension, as well as to detection of  lesions of target organs resulting from elevated arterial blood pressure.

The role of UHS is particularly valuable in prevention of the development of arterial hypertension, i.e. education of both doctors and population at large about the importance of awareness of how critical such prevention is.

Aims of the Serbian Society of hypertension:

  • Gathers all experts dealing in the issues of arterial hypertension
  • Proposes and organizes measures for promotion and upgrading of healthcare for people with hypertension starting from primary prevention
  • Actively advances professional expertise of the members and all other healthcare professionals
  • Conducts continuous training of doctors, nurses and general population
  • Cooperates with medical and scientific institutions in Serbia and abroad,
  • Establishes cooperation with pharmaceutical companies
  • Introduces a registry of patients with arterial hypertension

International cooperation


In 1995 the Hypertension League became a member of the International Society of Hypertension (ISH).


In 2008 the Yugoslav Hypertension League changed the name into the Serbian Society of Hypertension: the new statutes were adopted and new management elected.

In 2008 the Serbian Society of Hypertension became a member of the European Society of Hypertension, (ESH).


In 2009 our membership in the World Hypertension League (WHL) was renewed.

UHSRB - Rukovodstvo


Osnivač i prvi predsednik Jugoslovenske lige za za hipertenziju bio je

Prof. dr Đorđe Kozarević.



Prof. dr Maksimilijan Kocijančić 



dr Časlav Stošić



Predsednik Udruženja bio je Prof. dr Dragan Lović.


Od 2019.

Od 2019. godine, na mesto predsednice Upravnog odbora Udruženja za hipertenziju, izabrana je

Prof. dr Vesna Stojanov.